Our Luau Gender Reveal Party

It’s a GIRL!!!

A sweet little girl is on the way!! She’s already loved so much and we can’t wait to meet her in a couple of months. Deep down I’ve always known that I’d love to have a little girl one day and I just always pictured John as a girl dad so it was a little extra special to learn that our first born is going to be a girl. Bring on all the frilly dresses and bows!!

We decided on a Hawaiian luau theme for the party as a fun way to say goodbye to summer and find out our baby’s gender surrounded by our closest friends and family members. My in-laws hosted the party at their house because they have the perfect backyard for throwing parties and my mother-in-law is a rock star organizer/party planner who did such a wonderful job putting everything together for us. She also put together our display bridal shower a few years ago which you can read about here and she’ll be hosting our baby shower this fall. I can’t wait.

We had our 20 week anatomy scan the week before the party which is a level two ultrasound that looks at the baby’s full anatomy to make sure everything looks normal, as well as the baby’s sex. We did not do any genetic testing early in the pregnancy which can also determine the baby’s sex as early as 11 weeks with a simple blood test so we really had no clue what was going on in there. Unless you’re carrying multiples or are having a difficult pregnancy, they only offer one ultrasound in each trimester so the last scan we had was back when I was only 9 weeks along. All we really cared about was that our baby was developing as she should and for a healthy pregnancy. All expectant parents will tell you that a healthy baby with all ten little fingers and ten toes is what they wish for and finding out the sex halfway through is just an added bonus. We let the tech know ahead of time that we did not want to know our baby’s gender so we closed our eyes while she snooped around and then she sealed an envelope with a sonogram photo with the words, “It’s a girl” typed across that she handed to my MIL after our appointment. I know. How did we not want to rip that envelope apart? Well, we like surprises and it was only another week so it wasn’t hard, plus my MIL is one of the most trustworthy people I know so it was a no-brainer that she would be able to keep this big secret from us.

We purchased some of our decor from Party City like the table skirts, door curtain, mine and John’s leis and some other miscellaneous items, and then my MIL ordered the majority of the supplies from Oriental Trading like the pink and blue leis for our guests, plates/napkins, a vinyl banner she hung on the gate, wine bottle labels, labels to put over the Hershey’s chocolate bars she handed out after the reveal that said, “Thank heaven for little girls,” as well as the pink smoke canisters we put inside the volcano. Her good friend’s granddaughter made our volcano with papier-mâché and put an empty tin can in the opening for the smoke canisters. My MIL had our cake made at Mariano’s and we ordered all the food from a local catering company that we’ve used for other parties, and then some friends brought a few appetizers. Her friend put together the pineapple palm tree center piece for the fruit plate below. You can view a tutorial similar to the one he used here.

Guests were able to choose pink or blue leis for the gender they thought the baby was and we held a raffle for our guests to enter by purchasing a ticket for $1 and putting it in a pink or blue bucket for the gender they thought we were having, and after the reveal, we pulled a name from the pink bucket and one winner took all the money from both buckets. Our friend Kasey won $196! Woohoo!!

Our gender reveal party was probably the best day of my life so far and a day I’ll always remember. I’m looking forward to showing baby C these photos one day.

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You can watch the video of the big reveal below.

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