6 Ways To Show Your Spouse Appreciation

Happy Monday and happy May! This past Friday, John and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! We ordered takeout from Gibson’s Steakhouse and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine while John’s mom hung out in the other room with Sofie so we can have some alone time. #QuarantineAnniversary2020!

So now that we have 6 years of marital bliss under our belt, I thought it’d be fun to share 6 Ways To Show Your Spouse Appreciation. While I’m certainly no marriage expert, I do believe that showing your spouse gratitude can go a long way in making them feel valued and appreciated, which in turn makes for a happy and successful marriage.

1. Say “thank you” and “I love you” and say them often. “Thank you for taking the trash out.” “Thank you for picking up my dry cleaning.” “Thank you for dinner.” I believe we all have a part to do and showing gratitude for these mundane everyday tasks is important. If I cook dinner, John will clean up and I make sure to thank him for doing so, or if I do the laundry and there are clothes in the basket, he’ll fold them and put them away if I can’t get to it. Also, text your spouse in the middle of the day to let them know you’re thinking of them. I know how busy John is at work, but he still texts me throughout the day and sometimes just a quick “Hi, amore!” makes me feel loved and reminds me he’s thinking of me. I know how much he misses Sofie when he’s at work so I make sure to FaceTime him at least once every day so he can see her or I send him photos. If you don’t already say “I love you” every morning before work and every night before bed, start now! It’s a good habit to get into.

2. Have their back. Life has its challenges and having a partner you can count on to stand by your side through thick and thin is a sure way to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. There have been a couple of instances where I wasn’t there to defend myself when someone was speaking negatively about me, and John stood up for me and defended me when I couldn’t defend myself. There’s no better way to show you’re a united front than when a spouse stands up for you to others. If you don’t show that you value and respect your spouse or your relationship, others won’t either.

3. Compliment their appearance. Tell your wife she looks beautiful in that new dress she bought. Tell your hubby you love his new hair cut. If you know your spouse or significant other has been working out and trying to lose weight, stroke their ego a bit and give them a confidence boost by letting them know you can see their muscles! Complimenting your spouse is one way to let them know you notice them and is a sweet gesture to make them feel appreciated.

4. Acknowledge their efforts and praise them in private and public. I’ve often seen and heard spouses calling their friends to complain or vent about their spouse when something isn’t going well in their relationship. Instead of focusing on the negative, be proud of your spouse and let your friends and family know just how amazing they are. Go ahead and share it on social media every once in a while. Whether they’re a SAH (stay-at- home) parent taking care of the kids or running a business, remind them they’re doing an amazing job. John has told me in person or sent me text messages on several occasions telling me I’m doing a great job as a mom, and that really means a lot to me. I also know how hard John works so I do my best to tell him how awesome he is at what he does, and we both totally feel appreciated when we do that.

5. Support their passions and hobbies. If your spouse loves going to concerts or sporting events, surprise them with tickets and go with them. Even if it’s not your cup of a tea, spending some time doing what they love and what’s important to them is a sure way to make your spouse happy. For instance, John is a big golfer so I’ve gone to the driving range with him or walked the course with him as he played a round of 9 holes just to keep him company. One of my hobbies is my blog and I know how appreciative I am when John takes my photos for me or reads my blog posts.

6. Listen. We all know that communication is key for a lasting relationship. When your spouse is talking and telling you about their day, put your phone away, turn off the TV and engage in conversation. It’s easy to get distracted and there’s nothing more insulting than when someone’s trying to talk to you and you’re not paying attention.

Leave a comment below and tell me some ways you feel appreciated or show your spouse you love and appreciate them! Also, make sure to check out last year’s post on 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary.

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