Airy and White

   Hey guys! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m looking forward to meeting some of my girlfriends for dinner this evening for good laughs and some tasty Mexican food. Any excuse to sip on margaritas and chow down on chips and guacamole is a day worth celebrating in my book.

What I love most about spring fashion is the brighter, airy and lighter clothing. Since I like to invest in more timeless and classic pieces, my go-to articles of clothing are primarily black and/or neutrals; however, come spring, I try to stay away from black because I wear so much of it during those cold and gloomy winter days and I believe that how you dress can reflect the mood you’re in and the energy around you. When the days are longer, the sun is out and it’s warmer, I feel more energetic and livelier so my choice of colors in spring and summer definitely reflect a more vibrant and happy mood.

My casual all white outfit was easy breezy to put together and I just love a white and beige color combo which creates a neutral, clean and polished look. If you have the same problem as me and have a hard time finding white jeans that aren’t see through and show every dimple and cellulite on your thighs, I highly recommend these by Articles of Society. They’re soft and stretchy and are only $59. Win- win!

Have a great weekend!


[Photography Credit]: Gaby Abboud of Gabmaster Photography

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