18 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost Money

Hey guys. Happy Friday! In case you forgot, this Sunday is Mother’s Day and if you still need a gift for mom and wifey for their special day, I’m sharing 18 unique gift ideas that don’t cost money. You’re welcome!

1. Let her sleep in. What mom (especially new moms) wouldn’t love those extra few hours of beauty sleep? Get the older kids dressed and ready before she wakes up or if you have an infant, take care of the morning feeding so mom doesn’t have to.

2. Make her breakfast in bed or treat her to a candlelit dinner at home.

3. Surprise her with an impromptu Mother’s Day photoshoot. No need for a professional photographer. Use your iPhone and tripod if you have one, find a cute location and take some of her and the kids or ask a friend to meet you to take a couple of snaps of the entire family (we just did this last weekend).

4. Plant a little garden together in your own backyard instead of buying flowers. If you want to keep it simple, spend a couple of bucks and get a small flower pot from Home Depot, some paint color to paint the pot, a small bag of soil, some flower seeds and voila!

5. Setup a movie night at home with her favorite movie(s). Make her comfy, get a blanket, and keep the popcorn, candy and beverages flowing so she can relax.

6. Give her a mini massage or foot rub (Google how).

7. Treat her to a mini manicure. I’m sure she can totally use one now especially with not being able to go to the salon currently and you don’t need to be a professional nail tech by any means. Use a nail file to file her nails, maybe some clear nail polish and lotion to massage her delicate hands with.

8. Create a memory journal with some of your favorite memories together and add some photos inside a notebook.

9. Create photo slides through PowerPoint on your computer. You can add some tunes in the background and make it a full blown presentation. If you do want to spend the money, you can make a photo book through walgreens.com for same day pickup for typically under $25 or print out a favorite photo with her in it and frame it. Prints and photo albums can be ready within a couple of hours and both are inexpensive (there are always coupons for prints and photo gifts such as mugs, calendars, etc.)

10. Bake her cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries or whatever her favorite dessert is. What girl doesn’t love sweets?

11. Make a 30-day coupon book/voucher that’s good for different activities she can do with you or that will take care of any of her responsibilities off her hands such as household chores (ex. one home-cooked meal, one 10 min hand massage, a day to herself, etc.)

12. Set up a treasure hunt with cute notes around the house telling her how amazing she is and/or why you love her.

13. Treat her to a mini facial.

14. Fill up a jar with quotes, favorite memories or sweet sayings that she can open each day for 30 days (or for as long as you want). One year I did that for John’s bday and filled it up for several months…🤪

15. Gift of quality time. Sometimes just spending the day or a couple of hours with your mom engaging in conversation is all she really wants and needs. Make the conversation about her and ask her to relive her favorite memories of her mom or ask her to share your birth story with you. If her mom is no longer with her, maybe visit the cemetery where her mom was laid to rest and plant some flowers at her grave together.

16. Clean the house and take care of all the chores for the week so she doesn’t have to (laundry, dishes, take out the garbage, etc.)

17. Handwash and detail her car for her and then go for a little road trip. Be her private chauffeur for a few hours.

18. Serenade her with a concert at home. Get the kids involved and put on a little show for her that she’ll never forget.


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