14 Tips For An Organized Closet

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week. Have any of you begun spring cleaning? I’ve been trying to tidy up and declutter in my spare time, usually in between Sofie’s naps or in the evenings when John is home. I just reorganized and swapped out my closet for spring and summer as we speak. Maintaining an organized closet is an ongoing process (because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing process) and I tend to reorganize and update my closet seasonally.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared 10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Shoes Organized and promised to share ways to organize different parts of your home over the coming weeks, so today I’m sharing 14 tips for an organized closet!

1. First and foremost, completely empty and clear out your closet. You’ll have a better visual of the space you have to work with.

2. Abide by the one year rule. If you haven’t worn it, toss it. No need to hold on to those pants that are several sizes too big or too small that you haven’t worn in years. More than likely, you probably never will. You can donate gently used pieces to friends and family or to a local shelter and sell your more valuable pieces that you might have a harder time parting with on sites like Poshmark or eBay.

3. Invest in matching hangers for a sleek and cohesive look and toss those mismatched wire and plastic hangers that can make your closet look cluttered. I currently use these white wooden hangers from IKEA or The Container Store which take up a little more space and aren’t as ideal for some pieces that might slip off, but they make my closet look more polished. If you want to save space, use slim velvet hangers or these acrylic hangers.

4. Store your clothes by category and keep like items with like items (sweaters, jackets, dresses, jeans, etc).

5. Separate your clothes by color. I typically go from left to right and from white to dark. You can color code bright colors like the colors of rainbow (ROYGBIV) or what looks most appealing to you.

6. Hang your clothes in the same direction. I always have the front of my shirts facing left.

7. Keep clothes that you wear most often front and center at eye level, and store pieces that you don’t wear as often in the back of your closet or in storage boxes. I currently have my bulky winter sweaters, evening and vacation dresses in the back of my closet or in clear boxes on the top shelves.

8. If you don’t have extra hanging space in your closet, you can fold jeans and sweaters on shelves and save hanging space for your nicer and delicate pieces that wrinkle easily (silk shirts, dress pants, suits, button ups, etc.).

9. If you have drawer space, you can fold your tanks, t-shirts, leggings and workout gear along with your under garments. I use the KonMari folding method to save space in my drawers.

10. Use drawer organizers to keep your drawers tidy which also allows for more space.

11. Swap out clothes for the season if you don’t have a huge closet and use storage boxes or baskets. Our spare bedroom turned closet is now half closet, half nursery so I’ve had to move things around and make more room.

12. Use hooks for belts, scarves, hats or purses. You can use an over the door rack, a wall mounted rack or even command hooks work well.

13. Use shelf dividers.

14. Make use of the dead space and vertical space in your closet to your advantage. As I mentioned above, I have my vacation dresses and winter sweaters in the back and I use all the top shelves to the ceiling for storage.

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  1. These are some great tips. I already implement a few from your list, but my closet always ends up looking a mess. I need to invest in some closet organization items for sure.

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